Ag Coms Blog Post 9: America

Did you ever notice how America kind of looks like a cow?


A cow

The West Coast is the bodacious rump, the udder is Texas, the front legs are Florida and the head is New England!

Okay, maybe you don’t see it, but I do.

I was doing some thinking about America’s national identity and decided that it’s way too complicated for any one person to figure out.  One of the things that spurred this thought was how employers are coming to Cal Poly, and they’re complaining that we aren’t “diverse” enough.  There have been strong initiatives to “diversify” the campus, and everyone is always talking about this overwhelming “lack of diversity”.

Pardon my French, but that’s bullshit.

Diversity is more than the color of someone’s skin or their ethnic background.  Diversity means more than a statistics or tokenism.  Diversity is not a tax writeoff.  Diversity is not something you need to complain about.  We’re diverse.  Cal Poly is diverse.  You just aren’t looking hard enough.

Yea, sure, most of our students are white.  Guess what?  Most of the people in AMERICA are “white”.  73% according to the U.S. census, to be exact.  Minority groups are growing, but they’re still not the majority.  And just because we’re “white” doesn’t mean we whiteys are not diverse.

In Ag Coms, there was kind of an unspoken tension between the journalism students and the Ag students.  They’re two different sets of people with two different ideas about things:  and yes, most of each are white.  I feel like the upper echelons of the Ag industry are extremely white, and they like to think they stand for what “America” really is.

On the other side of the fence, there are journalists, reporters, and media managers who feel like they’re the fourth branch of government, checking and balancing everyone else.  Newsrooms were most diverse in the early 90’s; minorities left because they felt like they couldn’t make a change.  So guess what?  Now, newsrooms are mostly… white.

I’m not saying we should quite trying to recruit more minorities into Cal Poly, or try to make newsrooms more “colorful”.  I just think that putting someone in a college based on the color of their skin is just as racist as denying admission to someone for the same reason.  We are all DIFFERENT, no matter what color we are.  And will all contribute something to America, that cow- shaped country that a lot of people think is the greatest in the world.

One more thing, my last 10 points are hanging out on Katie’s blog:



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