Ag Coms Blog Post 7: Private Policy

In class on Wednesday I gave everyone an opportunity to hate me again, by mouthing off on what I thought of the farm subsidy program.

For someone who knows a good deal about very little, I sure have a lot of opinions.  Other things I’ve gone in over my head with this quarter include:

-Freedom of the Press in America

-Water filtration systems and aquifers

– Animal cruelty

-Whether or not candidates should have to rattle off all the countries in the world during presidential debates

-Racial stereotyping in the media

The farm subsidy system got me fired up basically because I think it’s stupid.  I think the economy is stupid and I think policy is stupid and I think politics are stupid, and no one is really any good at controlling the world anyways.  I think FDR had a good idea when he passed the law.  I think it probably saved a lot of land and it was *supposed to save a lot of farmers.  But once the war ended, and we started to see more problems with the program than plusses, it should have stopped.

But heck, I’m not any better than anyone else is knowing how things should be.

Also, every time I hear that the U.S. government is spending gozillions of dollars on something like the farm subsidy program, I think, “Well heck!  It’s no wonder we’re in debt!”  Let me put it this way:  American citizens didn’t put the United States in debt.  The federal government put the United States in debt.

And now we citizens have to shoulder it?  By raising taxes and losing jobs?

In class we also discussed intended and unintended consequences.

Intended and unintended consequences are why I don’t vote.  I think maybe I’m going through the anarchy phase of my life, because I tend to think that all laws we vote on are stupid and not well thought out and so full of unintended consequences that we cannot possibly pass any law that makes anything any better for anyone.

I am a good person.  You might not think so from reading this blog, but I think, if given few or no rules, I would not kill anyone, not wreck havoc on society, put no person in serious danger, and pose no threat to national security.  This is not true of everyone.  So I understand why we have laws, to sanction the complete nimrods that don’t think about other people and can’t think for themselves.

I’m just glad revising the Farm Subsidy Act isn’t my job, because I would hate to be responsible for so much waste.


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